Fresh bagels baked daily?    YES!!

Bagels made from scratch?    YES

Bagels boiled in kettle before baking?    YES

Cream Cheese flavors made from scratch?   YES

Egg salad made from scratch?   YES

Chicken salad made from scratch?    YES

Tuna salad made from scratch?    YES

Hummus get the idea?    YES, YES, YES

Locally owned?    YES



The building we are currently in was originally a car dealership and is now home to us, Lakeside Bagel.  Lakeside Bagel & Deli was started by Chris and Cathy McMaster (we know, we still get their junk mail) January 1995 .  Then sold to Frank and June Kula who you guessed it --sold it to the current owners, Tony and Deanna Arnt. 

Lakeside Bagel is locally owned and operated. 

Locally= We are borough of Edinboro residents/tax payers. Deanna graduated from Seagertown High School.  Tony is an Edinboro University Alumni.

Operated= You will see our smiling faces on an almost daily basis. 


318 West Plum St. 

Edinboro, PA 16412




Employees 2013

Employees 2009



Tony Arnt:

Graduated Bethel Park High School. Bethel Park,  PA

worked at Danny's Pizza 5159 Library Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102

Graduated Edinboro University of  PA  with degree in Business Administration & minor in Computer Science.

worked as a purchasing manager at Advacom in Mckean, PA  (untill they were bought out and resold twice;  Advnet in TX) 

Deanna Arnt:  master of candy crush...more to follow................

Adrian Arnt :  2016 valedictorian General Mclane graduate.  Presidential scholarship at Immaculata University;  radiological science

Sophia Arnt :  future General Mclane 2019 graduate

Chaz Arnt:  German Shorthair Pointer. ruthless against Pheasants