Fresh bagels baked daily?    YES!!

Bagels made from scratch?    YES

Bagels boiled in kettle before baking?    YES

Cream Cheese flavors made from scratch?   YES

Egg salad made from scratch?   YES

Chicken salad made from scratch?    YES

Tuna salad made from scratch?    YES

Hummus get the idea?    YES, YES, YES

Locally owned?    YES




The life cycle of our bagels start out as 50lbs of high gluten flour, yeast, water and pure ingredients to the specified recipe.  When the baker has mixed the dough to the proper consistency it then goes into the 1972 (made in Brooklyn, NY) Scale O Matic bagel machine.   Out come bagels that are put onto cornmeal dusted boards (2 dozen per board).  If you look pass the pretty girls up front into the back room you can see this process every day.  They are then "put to sleep" into the coolers for the day. 

Until 3:00 a.m. when the baker "wakes"  them up with a dip into the kettle, KETTLE BOILED BAGELS is the true way to make bagels-- * no kettle, no crisp outer shell.  If you like bread in the form of a bagel, go somewhere without a kettle.

 Last place for your bagel to go is the oven (now this IS NOT 'roll the whole rack of bagels into the oven close the door, set the timer, go take a break and pull them out of the oven'.)     WE DO NOT BAKE OUR BAGELS ON SHEET PANS!!*See also "no kettle".

The oven is a time consuming, labor intensive process.  After 2 dozen bagels come out of the kettle they are put onto BAGEL BOARDS (6 per board) cornmeal side up (face down) then put into the oven until it's time to flip them right side up. 

 The oven has six rotating shelves, each shelf holds 2 dozen bagels--that's 144 bagels--the baker has to keep track of @ 450 degrees.  No breaktime there kids. 


face down on bagel boards